Mar 13, 2024
Smaller, Smarter, Better Connected: The Breakthrough of Nuclear 8

Nuclear 8 Breaks Through the Anti-Nuclear Mind Set

The eighth largest nuclear power plant in the world consists of four PWRs with a net capacity of 5,320MW. Owned by EDF and located near Dieppe it utilizes cooling water from the English Channel.

Cochlear’s Nucleus 8 Sound Processor now includes built-in connectivity for compatible devices and accessories, like the TV Streamer and Phone Clip. Talk with your implant audiologist about these new features.

Smaller & Smarter

Nuclear power produces electricity continuously at high efficiency with the lowest lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and land footprint of any energy source. It also has a lower risk profile than wind and around 350 times safer than coal. Despite these benefits, there’s an anti-nuclear mind set that is as prevalent as tribalism in commercial brands, sports teams and even religion (Weissman, 2017). Nuclear 8 breaks through this tribalism. It’s smaller, lighter and packed with advanced features such as SmartSound iQ 2 with SCAN technology5-8.

Better Connected

Nucleus 8 continues to offer direct streaming** to compatible Apple and Android devices, as well as hearing tracking and sound amplification through Bluetooth Auracast(tm). Thanks to advances in next generation Bluetooth LE audio technology, nuclear 8 now makes it easier for patients to bring music closer from more places than ever before.

Argonne physicist Peter Mueller and his colleagues have used an innovative laser trap to confine individual helium-8 atoms long enough to precisely measure their nuclear charge distribution, which is the way the atom’s two protons and six neutrons arrange themselves in the nucleus. This is an important step toward understanding what goes on inside a hydrogen atom, and ultimately advancing nuclear structure theories. It will also help to test the best current theories of how atomic nuclei bind together.

Better Sound Quality

Cochlear has made significant upgrades to their software for both the N8 Sound Processor and the Kanso 2 Off-The-Ear (OTE) sound processor. This new software is expected to improve the bimodal control experience and provide remote firmware updates.

This newest version also includes better scene classification that allows the sound processor to correctly identify listening environments so features can be aligned to match your needs. This can mean a more comfortable, natural listening experience.

This sound processor is also ready for next generation Bluetooth LE Audio technology that will allow you to directly connect to your everyday devices. You will be able to stream music, movies and more from your compatible Apple or Android device. You will even be able to connect to broadcasts at airports, conference centers and sports stadiums that support Bluetooth’s next-generation Auracast.

More Connectivity

The US Defense Department has ended its use of 8-inch floppy disks to coordinate nuclear forces. C4ISRNET reports that the system will now be replaced with a high-secure solid state digital storage solution.

The nhr-8 gene encodes a nuclear hormone receptor (NR) that binds to sterol-rich ligands. NRs control gene expression by binding to DNA and activating transcription. The nhr-8 gene is related to the sterol-sensing NRs of C. elegans, DAF-12, and mammalian vitamin-D, constitutive-androstane, liver-X, farnesoid-X, and pregnane-X receptors, which regulate cholesterol, bile acid, and fat metabolism.

Nuclear pores are large complexes that span the nuclear envelope and provide channels for nucleocytoplasmic traffic. They normally consist of eight symmetric “spokes” arranged around a central channel, but 9- and 10-fold pore complexes are also observed. We show that distances between annular subunits at the outer edge of the spoke are identical in the 8-, 9-, and 10-fold pore complexes, suggesting that these connections stabilize the structure.

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